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Dec 05, 2012 · Several susceptibility genes have been found in common for amphetamine-induced psychosis and schizophrenia [32,58]. These genes increase the risk both for becoming psychotic and for a poorer clinical course of the disease. Studies in Japan also indicate that primary and drug induced psychosis may be genetically linked.Cited by: 170.

Between 2000 and 2005, the FDA identified nearly 1,000 cases of psychosis or mania -- particularly hallucinations -- linked to drugs like Adderall and in 2007 it directed drug companies to inform Author: SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES.

Aug 06, 2019 · Frequent Adderall use over a long period can cause what is referred to as substance-induced psychosis; Although Adderall is approved for use by the FDA, it is classified by the DEA in the same category as drugs like cocaine and oxycodone. There is a possibility of developing Adderall psychosis or triggering the onset of a psychotic disorder Author: The Recovery Village.

Adderall and Psychosis. thefloyd1977 posted: I was diagnosed schizoaffective after having a psychotic episode 3 years ago. I was taking adderall at the time for ADD. I have read adderall can cause psychosis in some people. My psychosis did not last for 2 weeks which is how long psychosis needs to last in order to get diagnosed schizoaffective.