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Games to Play Around a Campfire for Adults By Leigha Butler ; Updated April 12, 2017. The forest is dark, and the fire is raging. Each camper has told her best ghost stories and stuffed her belly with as many s’mores as she could. It is not quite bedtime, but conversation is dwindling, and the nearest television set is miles away.

These adult-friendly games are a great way to connect with your friends, encourage collaboration, and have an exciting time together. When you are searching for a new way to enjoy some leisure time, these are the best campfire games for adults that you have to try.

Jul 08, 2016 · Fun Campfire Games for Adults. Ah, summer and fall evenings by the campfire – there’s just nothing like it. Gathering around a campfire with friends and family are just one of the simple pleasures to look forward to as an escape to our everyday lives.

5 Fun Campfire Games to Play! Keep the kiddos wanting to camp again! camping with kids, kids camping Here are some fun campfire games to play with the entire family. These bonfire games and fun camping games for families are free and fun to play. These are also fun campfire games for adults. Try these campfire activities.