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Epilepsy The MultiCare Neuroscience Center of Washington provides the latest treatment for epilepsy. Through MultiCare, patients have access to the full range of treatments for epilepsy, including medications, EEG monitoring and vagus nerve stimulation.

Augusta University’s Adult Epilepsy Referral Center. Augusta University's Epilepsy Center in Augusta, Georgia was the first in Georgia or South Carolina to be recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers as a Medical Surgical Level IV Epilepsy Center, the highest possible designation. It serves as a national referral center for adult and pediatric patients, treating the most complex cases of .

The Epilepsy Center at Medical Center at Augusta University, formerly GR health, offers epilepsy treatment and epilepsy surgery for both adults and children. Find out more about pediatric and adult epilepsy programs in Augusta, GA. (formerly GRHealth and Georgia Regents Medical Center).

Adult Epilepsy Center Doctors Within the Adult Section of our Epilepsy Center we have an experienced and dedicated team of specialists who are committed to meeting the unique needs of adults with epilepsy.