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Adult Fecal Smearing security130. I could like to hear more on fecal smearing. I am responsible for security in a federal building. We have a woman who continually smears her feces all over bathroom stalls and slides her shoes and underwear in the fecal and then will clean then or throw them away. It's been difficult to get eye witnesses and to.

retarded person. Atonic, floppy colons can become distended with feces, i.e., obstipation. Any patient with new onset fecal smearing should have a careful assessment of their gastro-intestinal and genitor-urinary system. Older males Medical and Psychiatric Management of Fecal .

I’ve smeared feces in private, but my sister and I were babies. To this day we have no recollection of this–our parents walked into a room full of poo-poo walls and freaked. They had to clean it up, too. If an adult is smearing or dropping poo in public, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing–they hate your ass and want you to know it!

Nov 13, 2017 · Actually, except for paint with a roller brush, smearing anything on the wall or any other inappropriate surface is a big sign of mental disturbance. Butter, shoe polish, onion dip, whatever. If somebody squashes a bug on a table, that's one thing.