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Adult Sports Programs Opportunities for All Skill Levels. The City of Tustin's Adult Sports Program provides adults of all skill levels an opportunity to participate in organized sports. All programs are held at a City of Tustin Parks and Recreation facility. Mudline.

The City of Malibu offers a Coed Adult Softball League for Summer (June-August) and Fall (September-November). Games are played on Sundays at Malibu Bluffs Park. City of malibu adult sports programs. The City of Malibu offers three different Adult Sports Programs throughout the year: Co-Ed Adult Softball League;.

Programs and Activities; Adult Sports Adult Sports. Chandler Adult Sports always serves up a good time. Play the field (or court) and connect with new friends each season through weekly practices, games, and socials. Seasonal Leagues (spring, fall, and winter) offer varying degrees of competitiveness and time commitment.

We've got adult sports teams and programs that range from basketball, softball and football to pickleball, roller derby, track and field and even lawn bowling. We also have boating centers, the Amy Yee Tennis Center, and a parntership with community organizations for leagues and games.