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how long does it take for animals to fully mature in frontierville? | Yahoo Answers frontierville how long for adult goat

Sep 07, 2010 · Login to Gamers Unite!? AMERS UNITE! Search: Gamers Unite! Search: Gamers Unite! Game Title FrontierVille Forum; Aug 15th, 2011: Frontierville is now merged into a new game Pioneer Trail! For NEW discussions, please visit the GU! Pioneer Trails Forum. how long does it take for a chicken to become an adult? how long doe it take for a.

Sep 08, 2010 · Best Answer: It depends on what animal. The animals can be feed from every 15-30 minutes (such as the chickens) all the way up to a couple of days (the mules and the horses). If you stay on the chickens they can mature in just one day. I recently had Status: Open.

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Animal Life Cows and Cattle Goat Milk Care of Horses Pigs Land Mammals All Topics. In Frontierville How long does it take for a sheep to become Adult? Puppies are considered adult, or dogs.