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Types of College Recruiting Programs recruiting adult students

Recognize the Emotions of Adult Learners and Non-Traditional Students. From an emotional perspective, many adult learners do not approach returning to college to complete a degree with the same motivation or enthusiasm of an 18-year old looking for a 4-year residential experience.

May 23, 2019 · The bulk of these enrollment declines are concentrated among adult learners, or students age 25 and over. In Fall 2014, community colleges reported a 6.7% decline in adult learners since the previous year, compared to only a 1.5% decline in traditional-age students.

Sep 27, 2009 · 8 Strategies for Recruiting Adult Students to 4-Year Colleges. By Eric Hoover September 27, 2009. Baltimore. As the number of adults seeking higher education has increased, the Author: Eric Hoover.

adult students are facing enrollments that have plateaued, or even fallen. Becky L. Morehouse Vice Ptes/dent for COent We prepared this white paper to help those colleges that want to reinvigorate their adult recruiting strategies. Of course, many of the recommendations contained herein would help any college that wants to grow enrollment.