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Youths Shouldn't Be Tried As Adults, Study Says. by. Jonathan D. Salant. WASHINGTON -- Every state allows children under 16 to be tried as adults, but new research indicates that many cannot understand their situations well enough to aid their defense.

With all of these privileges and responsibilities that youth gladly undertake, they should be required to accept appropriate consequences for their actions. Young persons who commit murder should be tried as adults. One common misconception is that many people argue that Youth deserve a second chance when committing offences.

Mar 25, 2016 · Should teens under 18 be tried and sentenced as children or adults? Watch "Stickup Kid," a short documentary from Frontline, and join the conversation with #DoNowJuvies.

As juveniles continue to be tried and imprisoned as adults, we continue to see all of the repercussions. Not only are juveniles at extreme risk of sexual and other abuse, which is inarguably unacceptable, they also get denied counseling and educational services they desperately need.