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236 rows · List of countries by literacy rate. The rate varies throughout the world with developed nations having a rate of 99.2% (2013); Oceania having 71.3%; South and West Asia having 70.2% (2015) and sub-Saharan Africa at 64.0% (2015). Over 75% of the world's 781 million illiterate adults are found in South Asia, West Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Adult literacy. Around 15 per cent, or 5.1 million adults in England, can be described as 'functionally illiterate.' They would not pass an English GCSE and have literacy levels at or below those expected of an 11-year-old. They can understand short straightforward texts on .

Literacy rate, adult male (% of males ages 15 and above) Literacy rate, youth (ages 15-24), gender parity index (GPI) Literacy rate, youth male (% of males ages 15-24).

United Kingdom Literacy. Literacy: definition: age 15 and over has completed five or more years of schooling total population: 99% male: 99% female: 99% (2003 est.) Definition: This entry includes a definition of literacy and Census Bureau percentages for the total population, males, and females.