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A Target Swinger is a type of gravity moving target that is commonly used in shooting competitions and law enforcement training. Swinger Targets are often placed behind a wall or structure so they are only exposed to the shooter for very brief intervals as they swing back and forth.

You can affix a variety of cardboard or wooden targets to this moving platform, depending on what sort of target you intend to shoot. Prop Bar and Swing Weight Target Build a gravity-powered moving target by using a pendulum attached to a pivot, which rocks a target from left to right.

Skeet Shooting Instructions. When it is your turn to shoot, step up to the shooting station, see that your feet are placed properly, load your gun. 2. Raise the gun to your face and eye and point it at the place in the arc of the target where you expect to shoot at the target. 3. Without moving your arms, head or shoulders, in relation to each other.

The Swinger Target is an assembly that allows a cardboard USPSA-type target to swing back and forth. We chose to use an industrial grade pillow block with greaseable bearings to give it an incredibly long life, and an incredibly long swing time! Grease the .