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Additional torture options are available for male genitalia, including electrified penis sheaths, the so-called "butterfly board," which is actually composed of two plastic squares (one of which features an access hole) between which the penis is squeezed and shocked, and various testicular presses, made even more evil by the flow of electricity.Author: Kinkly Staff.

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Not only will a cock ring help to keep the penis hard and the testicles tight, it will put a stop to premature ejaculation. In addition, many cock rings have extra punishment features such as spikes and screws. Keeping the penis hard will make it much more sensitive to the torture it is enduring.

The maximum voltage available was 7.5Vrms and the max. current was 11mA (0.011 Amps) - the frequency was about 20hz or so. I applied this with small copper wires, one wrapped around the glans/shaft area of the penis, the other carefully inserted a couple of inches into the urethra. There was very little "sensation" when doing this, but somewhat.