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Wax strip recorder. The earliest known audio tape recorder was a non-magnetic, non-electric version invented by Alexander Graham Bell's Volta Laboratory and patented in 1886 (U.S. Patent 341,214).It employed a 3 ⁄ 16-inch-wide (4.8 mm) strip of wax-covered paper that was coated by dipping it in a solution of beeswax and paraffin and then had one side scraped clean, with the other side.

Magnetic tape is a medium for magnetic recording, made of a thin, magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic film.It was developed in Germany in 1928, based on magnetic wire recording.Devices that record and play back audio and video using magnetic tape are tape recorders and video tape recorders respectively. A device that stores computer data on magnetic tape is known as a .

Mar 13, 2013 · Download Magnetic Stripe Decoder / Encoder for free. This program uses your sound card in correlation with DirectX to decode/encode magnetic stripe cards conforming to ANSI/ISO standards. No special circuitry is required with the exception of a magnetic read head.

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