The "Fuck You" Letter: A Key to Exposing Our Shadow - the number one fuck you letters


the number one fuck you letters

A great way to start to own these qualities in yourself is to write a “Fuck You” letter. If you have someone you’re angry at or harboring resentment toward, write a letter addressed to this person and tell them what pisses you off and why. “Dear .., Fuck you for.. Fuck .

The financial number at which you can opt not to work.It's different for everyone but generally speaking if you buy into the "American Way of Life" that number.

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If you want to solve this puzzle on your own, do so before reading further. There are several ways to look at this diagram. If you ignore the rows within each box and just count the number of symbols, you'll count 23, 5, 9, 7, 8 and 20. Look up the letter that matches each number and see if it spells a word.