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The Venetian Renaissance painter Titian and his workshop produced many versions of Venus and Musician, which may be known by various other titles specifying the elements, such as Venus with an Organist, Venus with a Lute-player, and so on. Most versions have a man playing a small organ on the left, but in others a lute is being.

Caravaggio • Paintings • The Lute Player. The Lute Player. Caravaggio painted The Lute Player in 1596 in his early period, before his religious subjects. After moving to Rome from Milan, Caravaggio found work painting still lifes, figures playing games, and other images of musicians.

In three the network of folds on the velvet coverlet are repeated: the Uffizi Venus, the Venus and an Organ Player in the Prado (inv. 421), and the Venus and the Lute Player in the Fitzwilliam Museum. There can be little doubt, then, that in painting these pictures Titian made use of a cartoon or tracing (Hope 1980, p. 157).

Symbols of Lute Player by Caravaggio Caravaggio painted The Lute Player for Cardinal del Monte, an important patron during the earlier part of the painter’s career. The play of light and shade, with the use of a shaft of light to illumine the painting from the left, is characteristic of .