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What Is an Esthetician? aesthetician facial

May 01, 2012 · Judy Zeman is a Florida licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist and the owner of Facial Fitness of Boca Raton. Facial Fitness embraces a holistic approach to skin care using scientifically supported skin treatments, as well as helping clients learn the best nutrition, exercises, attitudes, and actions to have healthy skin.

Distinguishing between an esthetician and medical aesthetician can be tricky, since both occupations are licensed skin care specialists. Here we will outline the major distinctions between the two.

* The esthetician gives you a relaxing facial customized to your skin. She can do extractions without causing too much discomfort and is responsive to your pain threshold. * She can answer any questions you have about what he’s doing and why.

ASFA is the first online facial courses esthetician school that offers skin care classes, facialist training courses and beauty facial course for students.