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Pantyhose and Dresscodes. Luckily, in my branch, my manager is more laid back, but pantyhose is in our dress code. Elle. Fast forward to the advent of both business casual dress codes and the overall trend of bare legs. Nowadays, I wouldn’t dream of wearing pantyhose in the summer, except possibly to a nighttime wedding or other.

May 31, 2019 · Dress Codes and Culture. Wearing pantyhose to job interviews or work depends on a number of factors, starting with the company. If you know the company allows business casual dress, you should feel fine not wearing pantyhose, but if business dress (a pantsuit or a .

The Guide to Pantyhose for Work. I work in an art museum and tend towards more formal/professional attire than my colleagues, and usually wear brightly colored tights with more neutral clothing. (interesting!) violate our dress code, nothing is enforced. Occassionally, stiletto girl gets sent home to change her innapropriate outfit.

Apr 25, 2016 · A "professional" dress code means a little more leeway to have fun dressing up, but it's still fairly staid. Guys should stick with dress pants and button-down shirts, but a sweater or sport coat.