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Ultimately, Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Strip, 1944-1945 is a valuable artifact in the history of Wonder Woman. The strips highlight Marston's matriarchal theories even more than the comics did, while continuing all of his favorite metaphors, as he attempted to spread his revolutionary message to a wider audience.

Oct 20, 2014 · Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics [William Moulton Marston, Harry G Peters] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Just a few years after she burst into comic books, the world’s most famous female superhero starred in her own daily newspaper strip written and drawn by the same creative team that produced the comic book: William Moulton Marston and 4.4/5(21).

The Wonder Woman daily newspaper strip contains all of the elements that were present in the comic books of the period that featured her, showcasing for all to see through the depiction of Diana as a heroine who was atypical of much of her comic book brethren in her compassion, providing for us a glimpse of what Dr. Marston felt was the “new Author: Bob Reyer.

Comic strip. A Wonder Woman newspaper comic strip was produced in 1944 but lasted less than a year. The entire run of the strip was collected in a hardcover book published by The Library of American Comics in 2014. Several of the World War II-era comic book stories featuring Wonder Woman were collected by Chartwell Books in 2015.