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Classic Bucket - Corbeau Racing Seats corbeau vintage

The Classic Bucket is ideal for classic and vintage style automobiles. Corbeau is known for making the most comfortable seats in the world and we didn’t hold back on the Classic Bucket. We designed this seat to not only give you that classic look.

For 50 years Corbeau has been the seat of choice for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Whether on the street, track, or offroad, Corbeau has set the bar for what defines excellence in aftermarket seating. Impeccable attention to detail is put into every seat design.

Corbeau Seats Ltd was the first motorsport seat manufacturer in the world. The original Corbeau Equip was launched back in 1963 by original owner Colin Folwell. Colin found that standard road seats in his race car did not offer the support nor protection required by the tremendous speeds being produced by race cars at the time.

The Corbeau Classic Bucket seat is one of the most iconic ‘classic style’ seat designs around. This styling works well with a huge array of vintage and modern vehicles giving outstanding value and comfort despite its diminutive size.